What three benefits do the Premium Corporate Members receive?

As a Premium Corporate Member you receive the following 3 benefits:

Premium Content & Display

  1. Look your best
    1. Your logo is seen on all searches and your company profile
    2. Your broker’s photo seen on all searches and their profile
  2.  Provide more useful information
    1. Your company profile will include Basic fields, and the following Premium fields
      1. Logo
      2. Company’s description (up to 250 words)
      3. Geo Focus  
      4. Associations
      5. Affiliations
    2. Your agent profile will include the following Premium fields:
      1. Photo
      2. Professional Bio (250 words)
      3. Elevator pitch
      4. Associations
      5. Designations
  3.  Premium Access
    1. Premium Members will receive VIP access to all our researched information (identical information of 2018 edition).  Basic members will only have access to only the basic information
      1. Premium Members will see all our company and agent information when signed in. This will include photos, logos, description, specialties, associations, email, phone numbers
  4. Premium Email Marketing Pricing
    1. Get better results from your email marketing campaigns
      1. As a premium member your company has access to the most comprehensive and effective broker email list for New Jersey.
        1. The first marketing effort is free.
        2. The second and subsequence uses is only $49. For the next 12 uses.