If we use Black's 'Good List of NJ Brokers' , what benifits will we receive?

Benefits to consider when using Black's 'Good List' to reach New Jersey CRE brokerage saleforce.

  1. Comprehensive and Transparent
    • Black’s Directory (www.BlacksDirectory.com) has all the New Jersey CRE brokerage firms and their agents. (There are plans to add the property management people in the future.)
  2. Detailed and Useable
    • It is a database, not an Excel Spreadsheet
      1. Which means you have more useable information about their company, name (first and/or last), complete address, phone, and email. All these fields can be used in your messaging (tokens), or used as filters, for more precise targeting. (See diagram for list of useable fields)
  3. Improves your Open Rate, and Call to Action!
    • Because you can personalize the subject line in each email with a “Hi Bill”, or “Dear Jane McCabe”, you will improve your open rate.
    • And because you can personalize the body copy and salutation, you will improve your ‘Call to Action”. For example, “John, we look forward to seeing you at our Open House next week on Tuesday. All you CBRE associates are also welcomed.”
  4. Makes follow-up doable and easy
    • You know who received your email, so just log into Black’s Directory and with 2-clicks you’ll have his phone number and email. A follow-up call will insure ‘awareness’ of your message or invitation. Chase the bullet!
  5. Price Competitively.
    • We charge $290-$190 per use. The range depends on frequency. If you need design work for a flyer, there is an hourly charge of $45 per hour.