I am an agent at a CRE brokerage firm in NJ. How do I check if I am already a ‘member’?

A fast way is to select the Search NJ Brokerage Firms tab from the Home Page, pull down and locate your firm, and clink the on your company’s name link. Your firm has a list of all its agent. If you are not listed, just go to the Contact Us link and notify us. You will be added within 24 hours. If you are in the list, click on your name, which takes you to your Profession Profile. If you would like to edit your Profession Profile go back to the Home page and login using your business email, and request a new password. Once login go back to your Profession Profile page, and you will see a new Edit Tab. Select the EDIT Tab, make edits, and Save. We will review and approve your changes within 24 hours.