Frequently asked questions about BlacksDirectory.com

A fast way is to select the Search NJ Brokerage Firms tab from the Home Page, pull down and locate your firm, and clink the on your company’s name link. Your firm has a list of all its agent. If you are not listed, just go to the Contact Us link and notify us. You will be added within 24 hours. If you are in the list, click on your name, which takes you to your Profession Profile. If you would like to edit your Profession Profile go back to the Home page and login using your business email, and request a new password. Once login go back to your Profession Profile page, and you will see a new Edit Tab. Select the EDIT Tab, make edits, and Save. We will review and approve your changes within 24 hours.
(1) Your brokerage firm must first be listed, then…. (2) You must have a NJ real estate license. (3) You must be working 100% of your time in commercial real estate. (4) Fill out the Contact Us on the Home Page and fill out both agent sections; and if your firm is not listed, fill out the brokerage firm section also. (5) We will enter your information and email you back.
If you are already included in Black's Directory, but don’t yet have the ability to edit your Profession Profile, just go to the Home Page and click the blue link ‘Request new password’ in the User login box on the left. A dialog box will appear, put your business email in the box and send. An email will be sent back to you where you will have the ability to create a new password. Once the new password is established you become a ‘Verified Member’ which allows you to edit your Profession Profile.
Most brokers specialize. The more thoughtful and complete your Profession Profile is, the more readers will understand the markets you specialize in. All brokers say “I know this market!”. Your Profession Profile will state which markets you know! You can segment the markets by (1) property type, (2) transaction type (3) and location. In addition, the profile allows you to express your specialization in your own words with the Elevator Pitch and Professional biography text areas. Your Profession Profile can be viewed by a link, or printed and included as part of your pitch book.
You are considered an unverified member until you have login to your account with your own password. By verifying your account, you will have the ability and permission to maintain the integrity of your Profession Profile. (See FAQ, I am a specialist. How can I make my Profession Profile work for me?)
There is no charge for becoming a Verified Member.
The benefits are: (1) Your Profession Profile page will now have a functional Tab called My Contact List which will allow you to create your own custom lists of 50 brokers. (2) It allows you to bulk email out from the My Contacts List tab. (3) It gives you permission to EDIT your Profession Profile, including professional bio, elevator pitch, headshots, and market specializations. The time invested here will allow you to clearly define the market ypu know and specialize in.
We charge $350 per use of our broker list which includes, a HTML flyer production fee of $60 for 2 hours of design. If you do not need design work, the charge is $290 per use. There is also a frequency discount per annum of $10 per use until you reach $190.
The Main Contact at each firm (See company profile page) has the permission to edit the Company’s Profile and all agent's Professional Profile, if the Main Contact has login in and became a Verified Member. The Main Contact can transfer these permissions to anyone in the firm by informing us using the Contact Us form. This person might be an Administrated Assistant, or someone in the Marketing Department.
The Starbucks Gift Card program is our want of thanking you for helping us, reach our research goal of listing "100% of the brokerage firms and their agents for NJ". The larger the firm, the bigger the Thank You. So, if the brokerage firm has 1 or 2 agents=$10, 3 agents=$15, 4 agents=$20, 5 agents=$25, 6-10 agents= $30, 11-20 agents=$40, and 21+agents=$50.
To qualify for a free listing, the brokerage firm needs to be (1) a commercial real estate brokerage firm, (2) doing transactions in NJ, (3) have a corporate website, and (1) employ 1 or more licensed New Jersey agents. All NJ licensed agent qualify for a Professional Profile. To be included in the Black's Directory, simply go to the Contact Us tab, and fill out a short form and we will have you and your agents listed. There is no charge for the brokerage firm listing. Also, all of your agents are profiled for free.
To fix this problem you must go to the Contact Us Tab and fill out your information and select Objective, ‘Update Agent Profile’. The right department will receive it, and we can then correct your Professional Profile. You will be notify of the correction by email.

We offer two branding opportunities for agents and/or brokerage firms.
The first level is the Big & Bold treatment of your listings which makes your profile
look different and better with a larger boldfaced typeface and a bright yellow background.


Second level is Preferred Position, which is similar to what Google offer.
Your profile will jump over your competition with our preferred position and go to the top of the initial search.


Yes, we allow the use of our list to occur once a day.
Yes, our list is available for direct mail use in combination with an email campaign or stand alone.

Benefits to consider when using Black's 'Good List' to reach New Jersey CRE brokerage saleforce.

  1. Comprehensive and Transparent
    • Black’s Directory (www.BlacksDirectory.com) has all the New Jersey CRE brokerage firms and their agents. (There are plans to add the property management people in the future.)
  2. Detailed and Useable
    • It is a database, not an Excel Spreadsheet
      1. Which means you have more useable information about their company, name (first and/or last), complete address, phone, and email. All these fields can be used in your messaging (tokens), or used as filters, for more precise targeting. (See diagram for list of useable fields)
  3. Improves your Open Rate, and Call to Action!
    • Because you can personalize the subject line in each email with a “Hi Bill”, or “Dear Jane McCabe”, you will improve your open rate.
    • And because you can personalize the body copy and salutation, you will improve your ‘Call to Action”. For example, “John, we look forward to seeing you at our Open House next week on Tuesday. All you CBRE associates are also welcomed.”
  4. Makes follow-up doable and easy
    • You know who received your email, so just log into Black’s Directory and with 2-clicks you’ll have his phone number and email. A follow-up call will insure ‘awareness’ of your message or invitation. Chase the bullet!
  5. Price Competitively.
    • We charge $290-$190 per use. The range depends on frequency. If you need design work for a flyer, there is an hourly charge of $45 per hour.